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Seagate promises 10 TB mechanical hard drives for 2015.

Seagate promises 10 TB mechanical hard drives for 2015.

May 8, 2014 3:48 am0 comments

It is well known by everyone that the SSDs are gradually substituting the mechanical hard disk drives in the market, because each time, more capacity and better cost relations for GB are offered. In a fight for survival, manufacturers like Seagate are introducing more innovations in order to survive in an almost-saturated market, and they have promised that thanks to the HAMR technology, they will be able to launch mechanical hard disk drives of 8 and 10 TB (Terabytes) within this year and the next.

Seagate Hard Drive

The biggest competitor for Seagate in the hard drive industry is without a doubt, Hitachi; they were the first to launch a 6 TB hard drive onto the market. Seagate, almost hurt in its pride, immediately made a replica, but it all stopped there: 6 TB hard drives available to few people due to their elevated price. Nevertheless, Seagate wouldn’t allow his competitors ahead of him again, and because of that, he promised a new innovation that will allow the company to distribute mechanical hard drives of 8 and 10 TB of capacity between this year and the following year.

This new technology is called HARM (Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording); it uses a new type of laser head that heats the magnetic storage surface before scripting the data, it has more stability than normal hard drives have because it is manufactured with an iron platinum alloy, therefore being able to increase considerably the storage capacity.

As we were saying, Seagate has promised that these hard drives of up to 10 TB will be available, at the latest, next year, and in theory, in 2020 we expect units of up to 20 TB.

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