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Get the new PS4 or Xbox One and throw your older consoles away

Get the new PS4 or Xbox One and throw your older consoles away

December 17, 2013 3:10 am0 comments

Sony and Microsoft have given us many reasons to get the new consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One, from games to entertainment features, but… what about the potential the Xbox 360 and PS3 still have left?

I can wait no longer. The PS4 and Xbox One are already out, and I have almost convinced my wife that our daughter needs a PS4 for school.

It’s not easy making her believe the school gives playing PS4 games as homework, but I’m willing to do everything to get on the next console gen bandwagon. Like I’ve said, I’d love to have both. But one should have to go first than the other, my wife has a limit.

After thinking about it for a long while, I’ve decided to start with the Xbox One. Its home entertainment center philosophy will likely help me convince my wife, something I believe I can’t do, at least for now, with Sony’s console. Not to mention flailing your arms in front of the Kinect sounds pretty fun to me, to be honest. I’ve fallen in love with both, to be honest. But both have also betrayed my heart: they’re not backwards compatible.

Xbox One

No more playing Xbox 360 or PS3 games. The average living room has no room for two consoles, so it’s either the new one or the old one.

What can I do? Sony is planning of offering a small selection of games through the streaming system Gaikai (for a price, of course). Microsoft has said nothing about something like this. Surely these two companies don’t think we’ve played everything there is to play, right? Has everyone checked out every nook and cranny of Los Santos in GTA V? Of course not! I don’t even have all the accomplishments in Viva Piñata!

Making me choose between the old and the new is cruel and inhuman. Making me put Oblivion aside when I only have eleven portals, making me choose between the newest games or seeing the polemical Mass Effect 3 ending is just wrong.

What can I do? I stand at the crossroads. I can’t wait to get my hands on the PS4 or the Xbox One, but I still have a lot to do before I can feel ready to take on a new gaming mission.

There are kingdoms to save, villains to defeat, places to explore and puzzles to solve. I have to collect more items than my games collect dust. At night, while I’m in bed, I can hear the cries and moans of the souls that beg me to save them (either that or the neighbors are playing one of those weird games they seem to like so much).

And both Microsoft and Sony want to me ignore them and move onto new adventures. Truly a dilemma. Do I love the classics? Yes. Do I want to try the new generation? Of course. Does my daughter need a PS4 to study? Absolutely, honey, trust me. But having to choose between the old and the new is simply unfair.


Stepping into the new generation means not going back, unless I can make room for a second console by getting rid of my wife’s decoration. So no, I won’t betray the old consoles.

Get ready, GlaDOS, I’ll create portals again. Heavy Rain’s case will not remain unsolved for too long. I will become a second Freddie Mercury singing Who wants to live forever in Singstar Queen. I won’t simply toss those games aside, I will save the innocent and I will punish the villains. The new generation can wait. I won’t betray what I stand for…

… Unless, of course, Microsoft decides to call me and solve my little problem by giving me a free Xbox One. In that case, I take back everything I said, I will even take a picture of myself with the console, and I will start finally getting my hands on the new generation games, one by one. We all have a price, after all.

All those innocents who beg for my help can shut up already and give me a break. Assuming, of course, it’s not my neighbors who make those noises, knowing how creative and active they seem to be.

I’m waiting for that fateful call, right beside the phone. What are you waiting for?

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