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Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

May 6, 2012 10:45 am0 comments

If you are a professional gamer, a professional gaming laptop is necessary, so that you can get the best games experience, there many great gaming laptops available in the market now, it is difficult to choose a gaming laptop right for you, here we will give you a gaming laptops buying guide, I hope it is helpful for you to buy a gaming laptop:

Gaming Laptop


The video controller is the driving force behind all the dynamic lighting, landscapes, explosions & action sequences that make the modern games so much exciting.  If you come across a standard desktop’s video card, you will notice that they are almost equal to a paperback book in size. 1 GB video cards are quite popular with gaming laptops and lately people are finding it more practical as well as affordable to outfit their laptops with dual video cards. The NVIDIA’s SLI technology has the feature of harnessing the power of 2 video cards on same time. While taking gaming laptop into consideration, always make sure to have next year’s games in your mind. At present you will find few games only that fully use the power of dual video cards. But soon enough you’ll come across games that have been designed with SLI technology.


Current gaming laptops feature quad-core processors. High performance gaming laptops come with quad-core processors that have a processing speed of 2.0 GHZ. Now you might be wondering what could possibly be the reason behind such a drop in speed, and the answer is simple, because there’s been an increase in the amount of information that could be transfused. It’s possible to move much more information at same time with 4 cores & 8 threads. Most of the systems these days are using Intel Core i7 and i5 series.


Files, video, photos and music occupy a lot of space on computer’s hard drive. Therefore if you are planning to store large quantities of media make sure to have a hard disk with higher gigabyte count. Modern games are known to occupy about 30+GB of hard drive space and hard drive with enough free space will improve load times as well as performance. Anything less than 320 GB is small.
It is also important to consider hard drive speed, 7,200 RPMs is pretty responsive & fast drive speed in any laptop. Those looking for extreme performance would like to consider solid-state drives. These drives feature flash-based technology that is similar to what found on USB memory sticks. Solid-state drives are becoming popular but are comparatively high on cost than any other traditional drives. Those with not enough budgets can find themselves pretty comfortable with traditional rotating drive.
Additional Features

When buying a laptop there are several factors to consider such as the resolution capabilities of display, size & dimensions. Of course, size does matter! You can select from 15, 17, 18, or 20+ inch displays that are available on gaming laptops. These days HD is in and most of the high-end gaming laptops feature 1080p quality. Also check out for a laptop with a decent optical drive. Blu-ray is one of the best options but a read/write DVD optical drive with high-speed will also do. Make sure that the gaming laptop comes with lot of USB connections so that they can be used with any input or output device.


A high-end gaming laptop with all the great features comes with a price. These laptops usually come with a one-year warranty that covers all sorts of hardware defects. It always makes sense to look for the option of an extended warranty. Also make sure that the site from which you are buying a gaming laptop has all the essential support options. These support features may include a community section, live chat, email, phone number & driver downloads.

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