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Cherry launches its new MX Board 6.0 mechanical keyboard

Cherry launches its new MX Board 6.0 mechanical keyboard

January 19, 2015 9:25 am0 comments

We are used to see the Cherry MX switches in the vast majority of the mechanical keyboards in the market. Many companies trust on the quality of this German company to incorporate the various types of switches, thanks to all the available models with different answers to pressing, hardness or noise.

Cherry MX Board 6.0 mechanical keyboard

But today we will talk about a complete mechanical keyboard that was presented by Cherry MX Board 6.0. A keyboard made of aluminum, with red and blue backlighting and a system for customizing functions and key macros.

As it could not be any other way, the switches are Cherry MX, Cherry MX Red to be specific. One of the favorite options by the mechanical keyboard lovers as a gaming tool.

It also uses a Cherry RK (RealKey) technology, with signal an analog processing signal and USB 3.0 use in order to reduce latency. Also N-Key rollover couldn’t be missing, because it allows to detect simultaneously pressed keys.

Its price will be around $220 and will be launched in the second quarter of the year

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