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ASUS ROG launches two graphical models based Matrix range R9 280X

ASUS ROG launches two graphical models based Matrix range R9 280X

November 10, 2013 3:01 pm0 comments

Matrix Graphic Series ASUS Republic of Gamers are characterized by their custom designs, with heavy duty components and quality and the use of dissipation systems that enable high performance GPU squeeze. This time we talk about two issues based on the AMD 280X chip R9. Dissipation system reduces by 20% the temperature reached by the chip, reducing up to 3 times the noise level due to its specific fans.

Another aspect that often emphasizes the graphs of the family ROG Matrix is in their ability to overclock, regardless of overclock series, the VRM (voltage regulators). ASUS DIGI + 20-phase Super Alloy Power’s high quality and durability allows voltage delivering a stable and accurate  manual edit of these values ​​and increase the maximum speeds of the graphics card.

R9 280X

The R9 MATRIX 280X comes standard with 3 GB of GDDR5 memory running at 6400 MHz with a GPU speed of 1000 MHz for its 2048 Stream Processors, while the Platinum Edition has exactly the same specifications except an increase in GPU speed which goes up to 1100 GHz.

The official list price is 508 dollars for the standard model and 523 dollars for the Platinum Edition, an amount well above the reference models based on chips R9 280X but we have to pay the maximum overclock and dissipation.

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