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Windows 10: What new features will it have and will i be able to update my PC?

Windows 10: What new features will it have and will i be able to update my PC?

March 13, 2015 8:44 am0 comments

In 2012, Microsoft released Windows 8. An Operative System that completely changed the course of what we had seen until then in the most known PC platform. The changed were well received, although there was also criticism. Now, in 2015, they have learned their lesson.

Windows 10

At the end of the year, Microsoft will release their latest version. Its name will be Windows 10, skipping number 9 on the way; It promises to be one of the best versions in history. There’s still time remaining, but we already know its main points. And we will tell you about them.

Yes, Windows bar is back

Many criticized the disappearance of the Start Bar with the arrival of Windows 8. Yes, we could still access to all the applications from the new menu, but it’s true that if we didn’t have a touch screen it was not the most practical idea.

Did you miss it? Do not worry. It’s back in Windows 10 with all its glory. The apps will be once again organized in the Start menu so they can be handy. A mix between the classic with a modern aspect that promises a lot of game.

This new Start menu functions as a notification center, as it happened with Windows 8.. All the messages and alerts will be shown when we click the Start button. A more powerful and targeted integration towards its use as if it was a PC.

Multi gadget integration

Microsoft wants to rewards those who uses their gadgets. That’s why, if we own a PC, a tablet and a smartphone that uses Windows 10, we will have seamless integration. Switching from one screen to the other will always feel like a natural process, since all the information will be already synchronized.

What we have stored in the PC will also be in the tablet and smartphone, as long as they all have Windows 10. Apps, contacts and documents. You will no longer have to move documents around. Everything will be automated and as easy as ever. The only requirement will be to have this operative system running in all our devices.

In other words, a smartphone with Windows 10 (almost all Windows phones will be updated) and a tablet running the same O.S. For example, a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which I told you about before.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3


If you have an Xbox and have played Halo, then this name might be familiar for you. Yes, the artificial intelligence that accompanied the master chief will also be in Windows 10. A speech recognition system which we can give instruction to in order to make actions faster.

Opening a document, adding a reminder to the calendar, making an Internet search. Its operation is similar to Siri on the Iphone and it can be used for a lot of things. Once you have it configured, it’s worth dedicating some time to check all the things you can do with it.

A new web browser

Internet Explorer has lost its fame during the last years while other browsers have been gaining ground. Microsoft knows that it has lost the affection of a lot of people and so, in Windows 10 we will have a groundbreaking and more efficient app. Its name? It is still a secret for now.

Internally it is known as Project Spartan and it wants to offer something new and different from what we’ve seen so far. Time will tell if they’re able to achieve it, but keeping in mind the big steps that Microsoft has given within the last years, it would not be a surprise if we see them flying high again.

Will I be able to update my PC?

This are the main novelties we will see in Windows 10. There’s still no confirmed release date but it seems like it will be by the end of this year. But you are probably wondering if you’ll be able to update your PC to Windows 10 when it finally comes out.

If you already have Windows 8 or 7, be it because you bought a license or because it came pre-installed in your PC, you’ll be able to update your PC to Windows 10 for free. Although, you’ll only be able to do this within the first year. If you wait any longer you’ll have to pay for the license.

As you can see, Microsoft will ease the update to this new version since most of the devices will be able to update for free. If you are curious about how it’s going to be, take a look at the videos we have shared throughout the post.

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