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There will be 9 different versions of Windows 10

There will be 9 different versions of Windows 10

May 21, 2015 3:15 am0 comments

It has been a few months already with the preview versions of Microsoft’s new operating system. We at least know that the PC version will be arriving late July and little by little we are discovering new details of what may be one of Microsoft’s most important steps in the recent years.

For instance, now we know that Windows 10 will be the last Windows version as we know it. There will not be a Windows 11 nor 12 as a new system, but Microsoft will keep updating Windows 10 throughout the years. We also know that all Windows 10 versions will hit the market. Being a new Operating System that seeks to unify all kinds of devices under the same platform, it is necessary to launch a differentiated version for each family. 9 in total are required.

This way, for the PC market we have Windows 10 Home for home users, Windows 10 Pro for advanced users, Windows 10 Enterprise for companies and Windows 10 Education for educational environments.

The smartphone version with replaces Windows Phone will come under the name of Windows 10 Mobile and there will also version for businesses known as Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise. In both cases, this O.S was designed for devices with a size between 3 and 7.99 inches. Its arrival is expected later this year.

There will also be three specific versions included under the IoT (Internet of Things) denomination: (Normal, Mobile Enterprise and Enterprise.

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