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The PC market drops to 2009 levels

The PC market drops to 2009 levels

April 13, 2015 4:04 pm0 comments

IDC and Gartner have published PC market sales data from the first quarter of 2015 and they are pretty negative, with an overall drop of 6.7% up to 68.5 million units.

The start of the year is usually hard for the industry, but this is the worst data from a first quarter ever sin 2009, bucking the small positive market trend collected since last fall.

The Windows XP renewal effect and the promotions impulse seem to have lost their effect on one of the traditionally less strong periods.

However, in Gartner they expect a market recovery thanks to Windows 10, which the industry is anxiously awaiting, as a market revulsive that fails to raise its head, although, the free Windows 10 upgrade shouldn’t prevent the purchase of a PC with Windows 8.1. Surely, great company migrations that have skipped Windows 8 will help the task.

As the manufacturers, Lenovo and HP are still ahead on the PC market, with a quota of 17.6% and 17.1% respectively, and with a 3% sales increase despite the global drop. It is a tough battle, although it depends on the regions, as Lenovo dominates in Asia and HP does in the U.S and other countries.

PC market

Dell, Acer and Asus complete the top five with other featured data such as the drop for the rest of the manufacturers or the Japan PC market sink, with sales declining a 44%.

A gloomy panorama, curiously when there has never been so much supply (manufacturers, formats or systems) and with the lowest prices ever. Let’s hope it’s the case of a transition quarter, and wait for the green sprouts observed in late 2014 to initiate recovery.

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