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The EVGA GTX 980 KIngpIn Edition arrives to beat all records

The EVGA GTX 980 KIngpIn Edition arrives to beat all records

February 3, 2015 2:30 pm0 comments

EVGA counts with a special range of graphic cards. KIngpIn Edition is about models created by the known overlocker for all of those who seek maximum speeds, be it with conventional overclock or by using more extreme systems. We saw how 780 Ti’s of this range reached impressive speeds and now the new version prepared to squeeze the most out of the GTX 980 and out of Maxwell architecture arrives.


The GTX 980 KIngIn Edition offers a personalized PCB of 12 layers with 17 VRM digital phases (14 for the GPU and 2 for memory cards) and an ACX2.0 refrigeration system with two fans along with a case with LEDs made out of metal like its back plate. Every component of the PCB is thought to offer the maximum durability and stability under load conditions.

If we had any doubts about it being a graphic card for overclock, seeing its 3 power connectors of 8, 8 and 6 pins should leave guidance clear to us about this card.

It comes with a speed of 1.291 MHz and 1.393 MHz with boost. Although its 4G of RAM memory remain at 7.010 MHz of reference.

Currently it’s available to pre-order for a price of 750 dollars and will arrive to those who acquired it as from February 19.Only owners of EVGA product will be able to pre-order.

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