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The best free games for PC: First person action

The best free games for PC: First person action

August 27, 2014 2:12 pm0 comments

We are still going with our series of articles where we review some of the best free games for PC, grouped by genre, in which we try to select for you some of the best titles that we can find today inside the “free to play” sector. In this occasion we changed from building dungeons and searching for a good loot to produce a little bit of adrenaline with a first person action game selection, a genre in which normally micropayments have a much smaller impact than on role play games.

Even though what we may think at first sight, the first person action genre in “free to play” format has to this day, exponents of great quality that, in fact, have nothing to envy to the great triple A titles that arrive periodically to the market.

Same as in last article, we will choose a total of five games without establishing any type of hierarchy or preference between them and we will tell you the minimum requirements for each of them so that you can make sure before downloading them that it can run in your PC. Without much further ado let’s start with this review and as always, we encourage you to tell us about your experiences with these games, your opinion, and if you want, tell us about other games we didn’t mention on this list that you think have a lot to offer.

Gotham City Impostors

A crazy multiplayer shooter inspired in two great characters of comic history, Batman and Joker, that offers a great quantity of customized options on almost all levels and a graphic level that outshines the expectations. We could say a lot of things about this game but in reality we can summarize it in a few brief and concise words, Gotham City Impostors is tremendously fun, fast, and frenetic and can be fully enjoyed without the need to spend a dime on it so it is totally recommendable.

Yes, it is possible that for those that search for a first person action game “more serious” it will not hold much interest, but I still encourage you to give it a try.

Minimum requirements:

  • Windows XP SP3.
  • Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz  Processor  or equivalent.
  • 1.5 GB of RAM.
  • GeForce 7800 or Radeon X1800 with 256 MB of VRAM.
  • 7 GB of HDD.

Battlefield 4 Free:

We find ourselves before a sort of “little brother” of the paid version of the well-known first person war-action franchise that, despite everything, deserves to be in this section. The graphics offer a pretty modest finish but that is more than acceptable. The scenery is enormous, we can pilot a great quantity of vehicles and its requirements are so basic that it can perform well in very old computers.

This is translated in great game fluidity, full of possibilities and with a different game experience for each round we play.

There is no doubt that Battlefield 4 has a lot to offer and can satisfy even the most demanding users, as long as they are willing to overlook a bit on the graphic department.

Minimum requirements:

  • Windows XP.
  • Pentium 4 1.7 GHz.
  • 512 MB ​​of RAM.
  • Graphics card with Pixel Shader 2 and 256 MB of RAM (GeForce FX 5000, Radeon 9500).
  • 2.5 GB HDD.

Team Fortress 2

It has become a classic inside the genre. Practically everything there was to say about it has already been said, but it continues to be as fun and as exciting as the first day.

On a graphic level it has a cartoon like finish that is very well done and its minimal requirements are nothing exaggerated, which convert it in a title within reach for almost every user.

Definitely, with Team Fortress 2 we will enjoy tons of fun with nine well differentiated classes and a great quantity of game modes that will greatly prolong its useful life.

Minimum requirements:

  • Windows XP.
  • Pentium 4 1.7 GHz.
  • 512 MB ​​of RAM.
  • Graphics card compatible with DirectX 8.1 (GeForce FX 5200 or Radeon 9200, for example).
  • 12 GB HDD.

Blacklight Retribution

War action game in first person with a more realist focus than the last game and also more futurist than Battlefield 4 Free.

Its quality is without fault and the best part is that it is present in all key points, so that we will not only enjoy great graphic quality which has nothing to envy of top games in its category, but that offers also a great bomb proofed game play.

It is impossible to deny it, Blacklight Retribution is a really cared for and complete game in all senses, which turns it into a must have game for the genre lovers.

Minimum requirements:

  • Windows XP.
  • Dual core processor.
  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8000 series or Radeon HD 2000 with 256 MB of VRAM.
  • 8GB HDD.


A game from Crytek, known worldwide for its Crysis franchise that offers an impressive graphic quality thanks to the use of the powerful CryEngine.

But Warface not only shines because of its graphic quality, but also because of its multiple game modes and the renewable daily mission system.

When you start playing it, it is inevitable to note some slight resemblance to Crysis, but the truth is that we are before a game with its own personality and a high level that, in fact, has received many prizes and that can compete against almost all of the triple A action games out in the market.

Minimum requirements:

  • Windows Vista.
  • Core 2 Duo 2GHz or equivalent.
  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • GeForce 8600 GT or Radeon HD 3650.
  • 6 GB of HDD.

Despite what it can look like, it is possible to enjoy Warface without problems and with a good quality level in not so powerful PCs. Starting from 9600 GT and a Core 2 Duo near 3 GHz, the game experience offered is very solid.

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