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Tacens Mars Gaming MH4 with 7.2 technology

Tacens Mars Gaming MH4 with 7.2 technology

March 7, 2015 4:15 pm0 comments

A new era of sound and immersion has arrived. Take your gaming experience to the limit with the new MH4, which puts at your reach Mars Gaming’s 7.2 sound technology that includes the exclusive Sensus system so you can feel videogames as if you’re really there.

What is Sensus technology? MH4 earphones were developed with the aim of achieving complete immersion via sound. Sensus converts bass sounds into vibration, facilitating a neurosensory experience and extreme gaming sessions that will delight cinema and music fans.

Tacens Mars Gaming MH4

On the other hand, Mars Gaming’s positional sound and potent control software, as well as the drivers included in each headphone, will allow for more realistic gaming experiences, bringing us closer to our favorite characters. Without a doubt, this is a notable improvement regarding the 7.1, which together with Sensus technology will have you enjoying games more than ever.

The MH4s are made with lon gaming sessions in mind, which is why they’ve been constructed with comfortable padding on the headband. Comfort is vital for our gamers and the MH4s facilitate it in all its features, from the earpieces to the microphone and headband.

We know that communication and teamplay are essential in team games. The ultra-long foldable microphone included with the MH4s has an advanced noise filtering system that, along with the high-quality cable and control box for more comfortable and practical control, make these premium headphones.

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