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SMART Modular announces they start to send samples of DDR4 memory

SMART Modular announces they start to send samples of DDR4 memory

July 7, 2014 3:57 pm0 comments

The company SMART Modular may not sound much, since it is not a well known brand in Europe, but you must know that for a long time had been known for several important innovations in RAM memory; for instance they were the first ones to launch DDR3 memories of 8GB and ultra-low profile, or were the creators of MPI format of DDR3 memory. Now, SMART Modular had announced they already have DDR4 memories, and have started to send them to the manufacturers for testing.

Currently, the line of SMART Modular DDR4 memories consists in a module DDR4-2133 Mhz 1.2V VLP (Very Low Profile) and a RDIMMs standard height up to 16 GB per module. They also have ECC SO-DIMM memories up to 8 GB per module, completing a list of 7 different types of DDR4 memory in total and that we show you below:

SMART Modular

As active members of the JEDEC (Joint Electronm Device Engineering Council), SMART Modular is actively participating in the development and implementation of DDR4 memory, and as a result is one of the first manufacturers that already have completed an entire product line and has started to send them to manufacturers (mainly the motherboards) in order to begin to make your internal compatibility and performance tests.

This is certainly a breakthrough that shows that we are very close to finally see DDR4 memory computers on the market.

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