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Seasonic will showcase its new power supplies at Computex

Seasonic will showcase its new power supplies at Computex

June 3, 2014 2:29 pm0 comments

Computex 2014 kicks out in a couple of days, and manufacturers are already working hard to present their new products for this year. In Seasonic’s case, they will submit at least two new high-end power supplies, and update the other existing two. So we can expect to see two new efficient power sources with 80Plus Platinum certification of 1050 and 1200 watts, and the updated X series 80Plus Gold certified models of 1050 and 1250 watts.

Seasonic is undoubtedly one of the most important power supply manufacturers in the market, since their products are often considered the “Rolls Royce” among power supplies, thanks to their exhaustive quality control, and therefore these new additions to their catalog mean a direct inclusion within the high range products, both for their power and quality, as well as their price. So, we will see four new power supplies, all 100% modular and of hybrid fan design, meaning that they only turn on when consumption reaches a certain level.


Other features include a tighter voltage regulation; with honeycomb- shaped vent holes to facilitate air passage, flat black cables to improve the pipeline for all kinds of boxes, a quieter 120mm fan and more.

We await for Seasonic’s official announcement at Computex to show you their complete technical specifications and price.

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