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Sales of PCs increased due to: Chromebooks and MacBook’s

Sales of PCs increased due to: Chromebooks and MacBook’s

October 3, 2014 4:52 am0 comments
  • Personal computer sales rose 3% from July to September in the United States
  • In the same period of 2013, they had fallen by 2.5%
  • Chromebooks and MacBook’s, cause of improved sales

The recovery in sales of personal computers is a fact. After years of decline, the trend was reversed in 2014, where it increased.

NPD Group, a prestigious renowned analyst company registered sales to retail stores in the United States during the period called back to class, a ten-week interval that runs from July to September 2014.

In these two months, sales of personal computers rose 3% compared to last year. It may seem like a small number, but it is good information if we consider that in the same period of 2013 sales were down 2.5%, and in recent years there was an accumulated drop of over 30%.

This global increase is due to the great boom of the new laptops. Thus, Chromebooks, computers based on Google’s cloud, increased its sales by 37%, while the Mac computers rose 14%. In contrast, Windows-based PCs fell 3%.

Windows keeps losing market shares every year since the launch of Windows 8. We will see if Windows 9 can start a comeback …

In 2012, Windows computers represented 72.5% of the total. In 2014 they have fallen to 68.4%.

In 2012, Chrome OS notebooks were only 0.2% of the total. In 2014 they account for 4.5%.

But it is not all bad news for Microsoft. Windows PCs are down 3% overall, yes, but desktops with the popular towers, increased 2% versus a 13% drop last year.

Apple MacBook’s have also performed very well these past 2 months increasing sales by 16%.

A price cut on all makes and models from last year seem to be one of the causes of this success.

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