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Review: Silverstone Sugo Series SG10

Review: Silverstone Sugo Series SG10

October 8, 2013 2:51 am0 comments

To evolve you must first take the initial step; the SG09 was the first compact case, almost ITX-sized, capable of housing Micro-ATX motherboards. Now, its successor, the SG10, is here.


Silverstone released earlier this year the first case for high-performance ITX motherboards capable of also housing Micro ATX motherboards, which translates into a greater graphical performance, since Mini-ITX models can use two graphics cards simultaneously. IT also features improved power capabilities and an improved design compared to the SG10.

Silverstone Sugo Series SG10

General Specs

The MicroATX cases are known as micro-tower, basically cases with a common format but with a reduced size. With the release of the SG10, it was possible to use MicroATX motherboards with gaming systems. The innovative design of this case got rid of the traditional bays to favor the use of SSD drives –as well as traditional disks- and still making room for the latest graphics cards and cooling systems.

Silverstone Sugo Series SG10

Silverstone Sugo Series SG10The Sugo series is a very well-known series of cases designed to be used with Mini-ITX motherboards. The SG10 made possible to use powerful graphics cards with smaller cases, something never before seen. However, many users didn’t like its overall looks and design.

But before talking about aesthetics, let’s take a look at other important details. The case is capable of housing MicroATX motherboards thanks to the space for the power supply unit, where we would commonly find 3.5 and 5.25-inch bays. This not only allows the use of conventional-sized ATX PSUs, but also bigger and more powerful high-end graphics cards.

Silverstone Sugo Series SG10

The case is 354mm tall. You can use PSUs of up to 180mm, 165-mm dissipaters and up to 33-centimeter graphics cards, which means you can even use a Geforce Titan, Radeon 7970 or Geforce 780. Silverstone has also designed a system that prevents cables from tangling.

On the front you can find a 19-pin USB 3.0 port, one audio port, LEDs and the power button.

Silverstone Sugo Series SG10


One of the coolest features about this case is that it’s capable of housing every disk you’ll need. Silverstone has featured trayless Slim optical drives, a much slimmer solution than a conventional 5.25-inch drive. The case optimizes the space it has and also features 2.5-inch bays for SSD disks on the rear, where normally you would only find cables.

Silverstone Sugo Series SG10

There are two racks for 2.5-inch disks –up to four of them- with Silentblocks system to reduce noise and vibration, though this isn’t really necessary for SSD drives. Therefore, you can set up powerful RAID configurations without the need for backplane systems. Although not recommended, the case can also house 3.5-inch disks. One optical drive and up to six storage devices, not bad for a case this small.

Silverstone Sugo Series SG10

Details like a power plug outside of the case lets you realize how well-designed this case is. Right next to it, there’s a control panel for its 180-mm fan.


With the kind of components this case can use, you may be worrying about overheating problems, but this is not an issue in the slightest. It has a frontal air vent with a washable filter and one 180-mm fan at the upper right next to the CPU, the GPU and the motherboard.

Silverstone Sugo Series SG10

It also has one 120-mm exhaust fan, perfect for compact liquid cooling systems, an additional fan for the graphics card and room for extra fans at the sides, which means you can have up to six fans–three by default-, all of them with washable filters.

Silverstone Sugo Series SG10

The two 120-mm fans work at 1200rpm producing 22dBA, while the 180-mm one has a manual selector so you can choose between 600, 900 or 1200rpm and noise of de 17, 25 and 34dBA respectively.

Revamped design

Silverstone Sugo Series SG10The main difference between this case and the SG09 is the design, the only problem of the previous model, in our opinion. The SG09 was too plain-looking and the frontal filter tends to get out of place, issues that have been corrected.

The frontal connectors are pretty much the same, but the design this time is much nicer-looking and aluminum-made, perfect for those looking not only for a great performance but also a beautiful and elegant design. Silverstone Sugo Series SG10

The rest is identical to the SG09, including its great use and optimization of the available space. Despite its size, cables never tangle and you have room for every high-end components ton the market right now. It’s made of black-colored SECC with a 0.8-mm width.

Its size: 354 x 220 x 295 mm, enough to install the latest processors, graphics cards, advanced RAID systems and much more.

Analysis and Conclusion

An excellent Sugo series model that improves on a previous case and adds support for Micro-ATX motherboards and greatly improves its design; the SG10 combines an excellent performance with a beautiful design, something its predecessor lacked.

Silverstone Sugo Series SG10

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