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Razor signs up for the drawing at our sixth anniversary

Razor signs up for the drawing at our sixth anniversary

September 20, 2014 12:50 am0 comments

At first we thought about doing a series of drawings to keep us busy in the month of September to celebrate our anniversary but we had to extend the time. Razor has just confirmed that they want to participate in the drawings for our sixth anniversary and they will give us some high-quality headphones Razor Kraken Pro White to award as a prize to one of our readers.

Razor presents the Kraken Pro as the most comfortable gaming headset ever manufactured. It’s not vanity; they have been designed as perfectly ergonomic regardless of head shape or ear size. The key characteristics are the weight, functionality, and the performance. They have balanced these three features thoroughly and have built headphones that are unmatched in comfort.

The Razor Kraken Pro has an optimized weight for use during long periods of time without causing tiredness. It has a retractable microphone; potent high-quality diaphragms that allow a user to concentrate on a game for long hours, a 3.5mm combined audio connector and a separate cable allow the connection of your smartphone microphone and use the Kraken Pro while on the streets. It has a total proportioned connectivity.

Like we commented at the beginning, we will probably have this drawing on the first week of October. We have so many gifts for our readers that September seems shorter.

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