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R9 Radeon 290x 8 GB VRAM, briefly

R9 Radeon 290x 8 GB VRAM, briefly

November 7, 2014 5:11 am0 comments

AMD will soon launch new Radeon graphics R9 290x with a whopping 8 GB of dedicated memory, positioning it against NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980.

The model doubles the amount of video memory installed in the original version of the Radeon R9 290x recently lowered the price for the same purpose, to compete with the new Maxwell.

R9 Radeon 290x

8 Gbytes of GDDR5 VRAM is the highest amount of memory offered by the consumer graphics industry. To put the figure in perspective, it is well above the average of RAM installed on PCs.

We do not believe this development modifies other graphics specifications on the core base and working frequencies proposed by AMD Radeon R9 290x. More memory will increase the price of the original by 10 percent. Partners like PowerColor, Sapphire and Club 3D wil already have prepared this Radeon R9 290x with 8 GB VRAM for launch before the start of the holiday season.

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