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Plextor M6e PCIe Express SSD – Review (256 GB)

Plextor M6e PCIe Express SSD – Review (256 GB)

June 11, 2014 8:18 am0 comments

We have commented it many times, the evolution of the SSD is a constant, and it is such, that we have also offered two monothematic specials in our direct weekly program “Hablando de hardware”.

Currently in the market we can find a wide variety of brands and capacities, and in a wide quality range and connections as well; since the SATA, the standard, the first that came and the one that 99% of the SSD users usually go for, passing through the M5, though it went kind of unnoticed in a general level in retail and solidly established in assemblence, like portables or mini PC’s, but since this is a constant they also presented in average the PCie which promised ultra-speed and delivered, but with it, a high prices for the extra megas, but I am with the launching of the latest SSD M.2 the evolution of the M5, that not only offer a smaller size and less consumption, it offers greater speed as well, it looks like it’s going to change, and from there our review for today about the PCie M6e from Plextor, SSD M.2 with direct connection by PCie, a new concept, but valid? A great idea by Plextor? Or, an error without precedent for the brand?

Plextor M6e PCIe SSD

Currently on the market offers a variety of brands and capabilities and a wide range of quality and well connections; For from the SATA standard, the first one came out and opting for 99% of the SSD user, via the M5, and general level that went a little unnoticed in retail and for solidly established by assembling, and laptops or mini PCs, but as this is a constant is also presented in between the PCie promising and met a lot of speed, but with it a high price to pay for those megs more, but this and the departure of the last SSD M.2 an evolution of the M5, which not only offer a size and lower power consumption, but also offer greater speed, it seems that will change and hence our review today on PCie M6E Plextor SSD M .2 direct PCIe connection. A different concept, but valid? A great idea to Plextor? Or an error record for the brand?

Let’s see how this PCie M6e from Plextor works, what does it offer, how is it, how does it work, and can it establish in a market with great sales and take space in our computers.

Plextor M6e PCie SSD:

As usual, we start by checking the box and a previous unpacking of the product or an unboxing, on an external level, we see an uneven design, to what we are used to with the M5, it’s series of SSD, pass from a silver blue to a red, and a very late 90´s to early 2000´s design, it does not give the sensation that what you´ll find inside is a SSD that will promise great velocity and be the product we are looking for, possibly if on the shelves we wouldn´t choose it.

Plextor M6e  SSD BoxPlextor M6e  SSD Box

Looking upon the rear of the box, we sure did find lots of information about the product in different languages, as clearly and just here in the specification, we started to foresee things that we did like and saw as very positive, from there the importance of checking the boxes, check the veracity of the brand by its product, know what I´m saying, as we can see on the upper right part there is a table of velocities, normally that detail other manufacturers leave out, I invite you to check for example a SanDisk and look upon the packaging for the velocity of the product or even a Samsung, hiding at first sight the velocity of its product, but this we will explain the reason for during our comparative, that most already know and ask for, but now back to the subject, not only did you show the velocities, and instead of doing it globally for the product of the series PCIe M6e, you do it upon capacities, cache and the type of scripture and lecture, a whole purpose of intentions that assure us those velocities upon the disc we are purchasing. Interesting.

Plextor M6e  SSD Box

Plextor M6e  SSD

The Product, Plextor M6e:

Now getting into the matter of the Plextor M6e, it impetuously calls my attention on certain details, just by looking and holding it in my hands, as we´ve seen in the box, seems like we´ve picked our DeLorean and gone back to the past, we see a product uncared for esthetically speaking, from the green PCB to the way it is presented, first we will comment on some details of the M6e from Plextor, since it is a SSD PCie in the whole sense of the word, yes it is, the only way for it to function upon unpacking it, is connecting it to a PCie of our disc, but is it really a PCie as we understand it under the premise of a storage device, no and this is because what Plextor really is presenting with the M6e is an adaptor M.2 to PCie visibly on the photos. This is bad or negative, depending on how you see it, given it performs its function and not only that, it allows us to buy a M.2 of more capacity or with greater velocity and use it directly in the PCie, which is an advantage as well, on a technical level which differentiates with the 100% PCie, see who else directly integrates the PCB components, it’s not that big and with this we can obtain a SSD PCie which is accessible, given the 128 GB model that can be found for only 179 dollars and we say only because the PCIe of the competition is approximately 200$.

Plextor M6e  SSD

Once known the concept presented by Plextor with the M6e, and to conclude with the aberration esthetically speaking, without entering the vague necessity of a common tower to have the leds of the SSD, that have been made thinking of a more focused market, who would acquire this product, usually are as myself more enthusiastic about the esthetic part, it wouldn´t have hurt to use a black PCB and even have included a small frame, grill, bars, cover or call it whatever, to cover a little the PCB to gain some appearance, remove indiscrete hands and sincerely, cover the desolate half empty PCB of the product, and being an enthusiast of circuits and sparks, denotes a quick, vague, and economic fabrication which wouldn´t surprise me of other brands but not from the Plextor.

Plextor M6e  SSD

But of course, all this I´m commenting I sonly on the appearance level, on a brand level and for better sales, it does not affect the product and its performance, first point for which we would buy this product, and just as it is properly indicated by Plextor on its box and specifications, we are before a SSD that offers, without any external software that use our RAM and its volatile memory, velocities that fluctuate upon capacity, between the 500 MB/s to 600 MB/s and the 700 MB/S to 800 MB/s scripture and lecture respectively, things we will compare during the performance testing, its superior to any SSD in the market and in this moment we can only find it thru the Hardware of our PCIe.

Plextor M6e  SSD

Before we get into the testing and probe the velocities mentioned before, are real and to what extent, to comment that almost the same day of its launching, Plextor launched a new Firmware the 1.02 to this date on which this review is written, on which it incorporates some new improvements of compatibility with some discs on the market, to which, we recommend to verify before the purchase the model is 100% compatible with this SSD PCie from Plextor, which is never too cautious. On another order, to remind that the maximum velocities can be found exclusively on the PCIe from our discs, in agreement to these velocities, something that we will notice when we connect it and submit it to a synthetic test, is that it does not reach its maximum velocity and stays in the average velocity of a common SSD, for SATA and if we comment this is because we haven´t found it on certain occasions, people worried about its low performance rate and the problem, simply was, changing the port.

Before looking at the evidence and see if above speeds, or not true and even as they comment that almost to the day of the launch, Plextor released a new firmware the 1.02 to date to write this review, which incorporates a few upgrades, compatibility with some motherboards in the market, which we recommend prior to purchase to verify that our Mobo, is 100% compatible with the PCIe SSD Plextor, which never hurts more. On another note, remember that the maximum speed will find exclusively in our PCIe board, chords at these speeds, something that if we will notice when plugging a synthetic test, does not reach the maximum speeds and stays at average speeds of a normal SSD SATA and if we discussed this, is because we have not found on occasion, people worried about their low rate of return and the problem simply was, switch ports.

Technical Specifications:

Plextor M6e  SSD performance
* Results may vary based on hardware, software and overall system configuration.

Plextor M6e  SSD Specs

*The data is taken from Plextor M6e Official site

Tests and Efficiency:

For the tests of Plextor M6e PCIe, we have carried out the habitual testing method that we usually use on all SSD that fall into our hands for analyzing; In this case and as we commented in the earlier block, the first thing we proceeded to do was the upgrading of the Firmware of the product and we passed directly thru this upgrade the 3 synthetic tests.

Plextor M6e  SSD TestPlextor M6e  SSD Test

Plextor M6e  SSD Test

As we can appreciate, the velocity between these 3 tests, is in every moment very common and stable, being in the range that Plaxter offers and for which you are regulars at our reviews of SSD, you can quickly see that compared for example to the M5 Pro from Plaxter that offered us in the review 538/380 MB/s respectively for reading and writing, we obtain a great difference and making a comparative in price from the 214$ we could obtain the M5 Pro of 256 GB against the 294$ of the M6e, we have a difference of approximately 25 cents of an dollars for each MB/s we obtain.

If by opposition we compare it with the SSD PCIe, call them pure or 100% fabricated for that purpose, the velocities speak for themselves, the 1000 MB/s – 1500 MB/s that we can get with one of them, contrasted to the 580 MB/s – 770 MB/s that Plextor offers us leaves it clear if we only look for velocity, but don’t forget, that the Plextor M6e has a much lower price compared to these others.


The Plextor M6e is an SSD that in order to be purchased, needs to be fully understood what it is that is before us, what is its objective; and which can offer an SSD PCIe at a low cost within the line of Plextor and with which it will comply quality wise. Plextor offers us for a fair price a conventional SSD, very interesting velocities, and although they don’t reach those of the PCIe SSD, they don’t charge as if it were one of those, clearly much more expensive than the M6e from Plaxter.

As a disc, the SSD complies with its functions and can be a product worth taking into consideration for modding, reducing spaces and with this saving the columns for discs, as an example, although as we explained in the beginning, it is not precisely a pretty product, esthetic wise.

Although it is true, that being a device by PCIe, we expected something more in velocity, we are very satisfied with its performance, much more if we think that in the future, we can change the M2 that is coming and extend not only the capacity but also its crossed performance, something to considerate.

So for this we give the reward and we hope that Plaxter takes into consideration for future revisions of this product and future ones as well, that you improve the appearance in general of the product, giving it a fresh clean face, for something more modern and in line with the type of users who will be purchasing this product.

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