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NZXT Source 530, an affordable full-tower case

NZXT Source 530, an affordable full-tower case

October 16, 2013 3:21 am0 comments

NZXT’s new full tower case features support for EATX motherboards and a very affordable price.

On today’s market, full tower cases are rarely cheaper than 150 Euros, so the NZXT Source 530 has greatly surprised us with its price of 89.99 USD (most likely 89.99 Euros in Europe), very cheap for a case capable of housing Extended ATX motherboards.

It has three frontal 5.25-inch bays, six bays for 3.5 o 2.5-inch disks, and seven for 2.5-inch ones. Thanks to its modular design, it’s capable of housing the biggest and most powerful graphics cars –up to 44.4 centimeters-, as well as CPU dissipaters as big as 28 centimeters.

NZXT Source 530

As for cooling options, it can house up to ten 120-millimeter fans, two of them already included: one on the rear and one on the upper part. Its size: 510.5 x 507 x 235 mm; it’s made of steel with the main structure in plastic, and the air vents have a steel grid.

There are two frontal USB 3.0 ports and the classic HD Audio ports. It weighs around 9.2 KG and, like we already mentioned, costs 89.99 USD.

NZXT Source 530NZXT Source 530

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