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NVIDIA will launch the new GTX 960 in October

NVIDIA will launch the new GTX 960 in October

September 19, 2014 12:45 am0 comments

A Japanese source assures us that the GTX 960 from NVIDIA may come on the market in the middle of the upcoming month of October. It is a long awaited graphics solution that may pleasantly surprise us.

This same source affirms that the card will be based on the GM204 chip, the same that gave life to the GTX 980 and GTX 970, but it will have a shaders count that will simply be inferior to both. Something that’s understandable given that it is medium range graphics solution. In theory the GTX 960 will come with 11 or 12 SMM (Multiprocessor unit blocks). This would give us a total of 1,408 shaders-1,536 shaders, an amount we think will be better than good, and may be sufficient to overcome street solutions like the GTX 770.

Regarding the memory bus it is clear to us that NVIDIA may follow two routes. The first route would maintain 256 bits with 2 GB de GDDR5, which would make the GTX 960 a medium range beast. The second route would cut to 192 bits and keep the GDDR5 memory with would reduce the bandwidth and performance.

We will have to wait and see which route NVIDIA will take with the GTX 960 but we find this promising

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