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NVIDIA will bring back mobile graphics overclocking

NVIDIA will bring back mobile graphics overclocking

February 23, 2015 8:23 am0 comments

NVIDIA will bring back overclocking in their GTX mobile graphics on the next GeForce driver update, according to the support forums.

The firm is responding to the nuisance of some of its users –including a campaign in – that didn’t understand this type of locks, when the overclocking capacity is a characteristic advertised by the OEMs, who even publish tools to facilitate this.

Moreover, when NVIDIA sells some of its models that are mere factory overclocked copies in order to justify novelties.

Although, you have to be aware that overclocking graphics or processors over their standard frequencies is not always supported and can lead to warranty voidance. Unless that is directly specified in the specs as it is the case of some of Intel and AMDs processors.

And in order to do it, remember to use the best power supply you can buy and same for the cooling system. And go step by step, slowly increasing the frequency, checking the voltage stability, temperature and performance. Ultimately, being careful and knowing what you are doing, especially when it’s with mobile graphics.


Nvidia will bring back this capacity on the next driver update taking place this March, meanwhile, they recommend users that want to use this overclocking techniques to go back to the 344.75 –WHQL driver version.

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