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NVIDIA releases its multimedia graphic card GT 730

NVIDIA releases its multimedia graphic card GT 730

June 20, 2014 1:27 am0 comments

NVIDIA has announced today the release of it’s newest entry level graphic card GT 730. It’s based on the same 28 nanometers graphic chip used by GT 740, announced past May. The difference between them is lower clock speed in this recently introduced model today. These operate at 908 Mhz frequency on the graphic core and 1.8 GHz at the memory. The latter will have 1 Gb capacity for standard models.


This brand new model from the graphic giant will manufacture a low profile PCB. Besides, it is expected that air vented units will occupy one slot, while those who employ passive refrigeration will occupy twice the space inside our machines.

As indicated by the manufacturer, this card “Provide 3 times more performance on integrated graphics”. Will be compatible with Geforce Experience and Geforce Shadowplay Capture technology  . Other compatibility announced technologies are FXAA y TXAA, 3d Vision o Physx.

Reports also the existence of 3 models: One with memory interface of 1Gb DDR3 and 128 bits, a second one with 2Gb DDR3 and 64 bits and the last one model with memory interface 1Gb DDR3 and 64 bits. Power consumption are 49, 23 and 38 watts respectively. Note that the bus employed will be PCI-E 2.0.

This seems a time dominated bay APUs (Accelerated Processing Unit), based on AMD GCN and Intel Iris Pro, Nvidia could place it’s price on the two digits expecting to reduce it even more. A showoff that reinforces the entry level range of those at Santa Clara serves as an hors d’œuvre while the new series 800 arrive.

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