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NVIDIA reenables overclocking in its Maxwell GPUs for laptops

NVIDIA reenables overclocking in its Maxwell GPUs for laptops

March 3, 2015 2:56 am0 comments

Just a week ago the alarms jumped among users with NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards notebooks, based on Maxwell architecture. The company decided to block overclocking in these cards, claiming that it was an option that it should never have and attributing it to a bug in the drivers.

Thus, from the 347.09 drivers, users of these GPUs found limitations in the capacity of their computers, as many were sold as gaming machines with overclocking options for software or hardware. The complaints were swift to arrive and in several forums, including the official company boards, there were plenty of heated arguments.


But since rectifying is something the wise do, NVIDIA has just announced through a member of its customer service team in the official forums that in the new drivers update, the overclock feature for GTX 900M will be enabled again.

This driver will be launched publicly during next month, and meanwhile, if you have one of these graphics cards and want to overclock, you will have to return to driver 344.7

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