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NVIDIA GTX 675M vs 680M benchmarks Comparison

NVIDIA GTX 675M vs 680M benchmarks Comparison

January 14, 2013 5:57 pm0 comments

NVIDIA GTX does not need an introduction when it comes to dedicated graphics card for higher performance and unbeatable gaming experience. Whereas every graphics card built with NVIDIA GTX technology makes gaming extraordinary, today, we are going to compare two versions of NVIDIA GTX graphics card namely NVIDIA GTX 675M and NVIDIA GTX 680M.

GeForce GTX 600M series

NVIDIA GTX 675M vs 680M comparison will help you to decide, which one will be the best for your laptop. Let us start the NVIDIA GTX 675M vs 680M comparison from specifications:




Codename N13E-GS1 N13E-GS1
Architecture Fermi Kepler
Pipelines 384 – unified 1344 – unified
Core Speed 620 MHz 720 MHz
Shader Speed 1240 MHz 720 MHz
Memory Speed 1500 MHz 1800 MHz
Memory Bus Width 256 Bit 256 Bit
Max. Amount of Memory 2048 MB 4096 MB
Memory Type GDDR5 GDDR5
Current Consumption 100 Watt 100 Watt
SLI options

2 way

2 way

PCI Express support

PCI Express 2.0 Bus support

PCI Express 3.0 Bus support

As you can see the difference in the specifications of NVIDIA GTX 675M and NVIDIA GTX 680M is not much. Most of the specifications are similar. For example, 3D vision technology, Windows 7 compatibility, GDDR5 memory interface, 4.1 Open GL, etc. Moreover, both versions support the same technologies except TXAA, which is supported only by NVIDIA GTX 680M. This new support makes NVIDIA GTX 680M more robust in comparison to the previous version by improving the image quality and the performance.

Apart from TXAA, you will see a big difference in the GPU engine specifications that directly put an impact on the performance. With 1344 CUDA cores, 720 MHz graphics clock, and 80.6 billion/sec texture fill rat, NVIDIA GTX 680M is perfect for those who want ultimate image quality, faster access, and longer battery life. Though, NVIDIA GTX 675M is not bad at all, but NVIDIA GTX 680M is better than NVIDIA GTX 675M graphics. Depending on the needs, types of the games you play, and the duration you love to play games, you can make a decision. If you have been using NVIDIA GTX 675M and okay with its quality then there is no need to upgrade to NVIDIA GTX 680M, but if you want more i.e. more speed, more fine image, longer than before battery life, then go for NVIDIA GTX 680M.

NVIDIA GTX 675M vs 680M Benchmarking Comparison: (AVG SCORE)




3DMark Vantage – P GPU no PhysX 1280×1024 13715.7 20232
3DMark 06 20187.7 23022.3
PCMark Vantage – Gaming Score 1024×768 13933.8 18425.3

NVIDIA GTX 675M vs 680M Gaming Benchmarking Comparison: (AVG SCORE)

Gaming Benchmarks(AVG) GTX 675M GTX 680M
Fifa 13 Low: 394.1 fps
Med: 313.5 fps
Ultra: 244.2.2 fps
Low: 387.6 fps
Med: 324.5 fps
Ultra: 256.9 fps
Hitman: Absolution (2012) Low: 70.7 fps
Med: 60.2 fps
High: 40.6 fps
Ultra: 18.4 fps
Low: 71.8  fps
Med: 66.1 fps
High: 50.3 fps
Ultra: 22.6 fps
Mass Effect 3 Low: 60 fps
High: 60 fps
Ultra: 60 fps
Low: 60.2 fps
High: 60 fps
Ultra: 60 fps
Battlefield 3 Low: 96 fps
Med: 68 fps
High: 54 fps
Ultra: 24 fps
Low: 122.3 fps
Med: 90 fps
High: 74 fps
Ultra: 34 fps
Batman: Arkham City Low: 110 fps
Med: 100 fps
High: 58 fps
Ultra: 31fps
Low: 152 fps
Med: 142 fps
High: 110 fps
Ultra: 59 fps
Crysis 2: Low: 100.2 fps
Med: 100.1 fps:
High: 97.8 fps
Ultra: 36.3 fps
Low: 103.7 fps
Med: 103 fps:
High: 101 fps
Ultra: 49 fps

* For playing a game smoothly, the gaming benchmarks score should > 30 fps.

675M vs 680M
The NVIDIA GTX 675M and 680M are widely used in high-end gaming laptop, you can see: Best gaming laptop
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