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New power supply units: Cooler Master VS Series

New power supply units: Cooler Master VS Series

September 26, 2013 3:37 pm0 comments

A new series of power supply units have arrived to accompany the V Series with reduced wattages but high-quality components and efficiency.

We’re talking about the well-known Cooler Master V Series with a slightly lower efficiency (80 PLUS GOLD versus the 90 PLUS TITANIUM of the V Series) and a reduced power (from 550W to 750 W). However, they have high-quality components like Japanese condensers and a filter to avoid electromagnetic interferences. The entire 12-watt power is distributed in a single rail.

The 3D design of its circuits makes it possible to connect any component directly to it, making connections simpler and cooling more efficient.

Every VS series power supply unit feature a semi-modular design, which means the main cables are connected to the unit and the optional ones (PCI-E, SATA, etc) can be removed to avoid having unused cables in there. The cables are also slimmer and smaller.

Nothing has been said about the official release price and date, but they shouldn’t cost more than 150 dollars, the price of the simpler model among the V series.

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