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New MacBook Air Broadwell, February 24th?

New MacBook Air Broadwell, February 24th?

February 13, 2015 4:30 pm0 comments

According to the Swedish retail channel, February 24th is aimed as the date for an update in the catalogue of Apple’s ultralights, the new MacBook Air Broadwell.

Price reductions in the wholesale inventory, lack of replenishment and the launching of the new Intel Broadwell platform by the rest of the fabricants, point to an imminent update. Confirming the information is impossible because Apple has not made any comments yet, although the update of the MacBook Air is just a matter of time.

The option of three Broadwell processor models is commented, Core i5-5250U at 1,8 Ghz, Core i7-5650U at 2,2 GHz and a Core i7 at 2 GHz. All of them would include Intel HD 6000 graphic chips.

You already know all the other new features, from rumors about the rumored new 12-inch model, right in the middle of the current 11 and 13-inch models. This would be marketed in late March.

The inclusion of Retina Display it’s considered a sure thing. Apple now uses this type of panel in all its products, MacBook Pro, iPads and iPhones. An IPS with a native of 2.304 x 1.400 pixels, anti-glare treatment, outstanding vision angles and an excellent contrast that we’ve seen in the MacBook Pro 13’s panel.

The identity fingerprint sensor TouchID present in the latest iPhones could be included in laptops as a mean of unlocking and authentication, just like an improvement of the battery charging system, including the possibility of wireless charging for the device.

Apple would also bet for the new USB 3.1 standard with the Type-C connector although it wouldn’t miss a Thunderbolt port that Apple uses in all its laptops. We’ll be happy because Apple would update its catalogue with this MacBook Air Broadwell without doing a dedicated event

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