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MSI introduces its new ultrafine work station WS60

MSI introduces its new ultrafine work station WS60

July 19, 2014 7:57 am0 comments

MSI announces today its new ultrafine WS60 (WS60-20J) laptops, a perfect combination of power and mobility, with a surprising weight of only 1.9Kg and a thickness of 19.9 mm. The new MSI W60 are built with high quality materials, with a simple design that converts them in a really attractive laptops aesthetically speaking, but that surprise us with their technical specs, as they incorporate fourth generation Intel Core i7 processors, professional graphics with NVIDIA Quadro and even a Thunderbolt interface. These laptops are ideal for CAD design and engineers who need high power wherever they go.

Power and efficiency for professionals

The MSI W60-20J is a 15.6” laptop inside an Ultrabook chassis (it meets the spec), but that offers all the power that a work station should have, for example:

· It improves rendering speed and real time edition quality: The incorporation of Intel and NVIDIA last generation in their CPU and GPU respectively help this computer develop work with high efficiency. The WS60 equips an Intel Core i7-4710HQ processor at 2.5GHz and an NVIDIA Quadro K2100M 2GB.

· High transfer speed: Thanks to Thunderbolt 2 technology, the transfer velocity to external devices is drastically improved. Compared to USB 3.0, it is four times faster.


· Great reading and writing speed for large images and videos: these laptops use MSI SuperRAID technology, meaning, they have two SSDs in RADIO that offer more than 1 Gb/s of transfer speed. Also they incorporate a mechanical hard drive for mass storage.

· Stable and robust: These computers incorporate MSI Cooler Boost 2 technology, designed to give the laptop maximum efficiency. This translates in that it has 2 internal active fans, one for the CPU and one for the GPU, so none of the two components suffer overheating. Because of this, these computers are suitable for intensive and prolonged use without its lifetime being reduced.

· Productivity increase: The MSI WS60-20J incorporates an IPS screen with a 3K (2880×1620) resolution, so image and video editors will have much more screen space with better vision angles and more vivid colors.

· User friendly: To avoid the user learning by heart all shortcut methods for every design program, with the MSI Shortcut Manager the user can set all shortcuts he wants to his liking.


· Ideal for traveling: As it only weights 1.9 Kg, and thanks to its compact design, the MSI WS60 is ideal for taking it from one place to another without losing capacity.

Beside the WS60-20J, MSI launches other models, the WT60 and the WT70, for which the compared specifications can be found below.


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