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Most manufacturers already have their customized version of the R9 Radeon 270X

Most manufacturers already have their customized version of the R9 Radeon 270X

November 19, 2013 2:50 pm0 comments

Not counting exceptions where AMD or NVIDIA don’t allow the release of customized models during the first months, as was the case with the R9 290x or GTX TITAN , it is usual that after the announcement of a new GPU we see an avalanche of new models, some slower, some faster or with unique cooling systems; this has been the case with the new AMD Radeon R9 270.

First we have the ASUS and R9 270 Direct CU II OC, a graphics card with speeds of up to 975 MHz (the base model has 950 MHz), it keeps the 2GB RAM at 5600 MHz and has a dissipation system known as DirectCU II , known by its copper heat pipes that are always in direct contact with the GPU for a better temperature control. Also, two fans keep the entire card cool.

Club 3D has also joined the party and has shown its Radeon RoyalQueen R9 270 , a version with 5 MHz more than the reference model, i.e., 930 and 955 MHz, normal speed and boost, respectively. Its CoolStream dissipation system includes a double copper heat pipe copper and aluminum finned heat sink cooled by a single central fan, all covered by a metal casing.

R9 Radeon 270X

Now it’s the turn of Gigabyte and their WindForce OC Radeon R9 270, a model that also runs at 950 MHz (975 MHz with Boost). Everything else remains unchanged from the reference model, with 2 GB 5600 MHz GDDR5 and Gigabyte’s WindForce 2X cooling system, known for its big-sized dual fan.

HIS also has a dual-fan model, the R9 270 IceQ iPower X2, with the speeds of 950/975 MHz we’ve seen in other models, same memory speed as the reference model and 4 copper heat pipes connecter to the aluminum-made heat sink.

R9 Radeon 270X

MSI has also introduced a graphics card with this chip on their Gaming Series, the R9 270 Gaming. It works at 975 MHz in boost mode and interestingly has two 6-pin PCI-E. Its memory and speed remain unchanged from the reference model; it also features two fans.

Sapphire has the R9 Dual – X 270 , with the same speed as the base model but with an extra fan.

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