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Lenovo bets again on Chromebooks, now convertibles

Lenovo bets again on Chromebooks, now convertibles

May 16, 2014 1:19 am0 comments

Lenovo, the first global PC manufacturer, wants to go for broke with Chromebooks. The Chinese company had previously released computers with the Google operating system, Chrome OS, but had designed them for educational purposes. Now it has just announced two new models created for all user types. One of them can even be converted into a tablet.

Lenovo Chromebook

We are referring to the N20 and N20P. The first one is more conventional and is not convertible to a tablet, while the latter is convertible, and its screen can be rotated like the Yoga 2 Pro to become an improvisational tablet. Both offer the latest version of Chrome OS, run on the fourth generation Intel Celeron (Haswell) processor, have 720 pixel screens measuring 11.6 inches, 2 or 4 GB of RAM, 16 GB SSD storage with an extra 100 GB in Google Drive and a turn-on speed of 3 seconds. Not bad.

It also has Bluetooth 4.02 capabilities, a couple of USB port, HDMI and 8 hours of normal use battery life. It has more or less the same features that you would find in an Acer 720, considered one of the best Chromebooks currently in the market.

The difference between them is that the N20P can be turned into a tablet. Its screen rotates completely, and sits atop the keyboard, allowing it to function as a touch screen. The downside is that the Chrome OS has not yet been truly updated to work in the touch screen world, but it’s a start.

The N20 and N20P will go on sale in July and August, for $279 and $329, respectively. This is an unbeatable value…if you don’t mind, forget about running the Windows OSX on your laptop.

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