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Leap Motion, movement recognition comes to notebooks

Leap Motion, movement recognition comes to notebooks

May 30, 2014 8:16 am0 comments

Leap Motion

Six years ago, Microsoft reinvented video games with Kinect, a motion sensor that allowed us to play without using the remote control. We, with our gestures, controlled all. Since its launch, Kinect has been upgraded to Kinect Xbox One.

This technology seemed exclusive to the world of video games until a company decided to bring it to computers, not just to play but to work the applications just by moving your hands in front of the screen. Sound like science fiction? Leap Motion is now available on some laptops from HP

Leap Motion, the Kinect for your computer

Comparisons are cliche, but sometimes necessary to publicize a new product. Leap Motion includes much of the function of Kinect but with a slightly different approach. Yes, it can be used for play, but what really makes the difference is its use as a control for all kinds of applications.

Just by moving your hands in front of the screen, you can use 3D design applications to create objects. Want to compose music? This is also possible. Today there are many specific tools available and some of them are really useful. Leap Motion holds a lot of potential to entertain you and also expand your abilities with your computer.

Games we already know, like Fruit Ninja, are compatible with Leap Motion; but in addition to these there are many designed exclusively for use with this sensor.

Leap Motion

How big is this accessory? Not big at all! It’s a small box the size of a battery which is connected by USB cable to your computer. It takes up little space and is simple to configure.

This system is built into the HP Envy 17 Leap Motion Special Edition, which is also one of the most advanced laptops on the market. 17 inch touch screen, Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, graphics card with 4GB memory

This is a perfect computer for those seeking the best of the best. The 17 inch screen may be considered large for a laptop, but it still is a good choice because of the quality. Take advantage now to get it at El Corte Inglés: Now discounted by 300 dollars..

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