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Kaspersky 2015 offers additional protection against Ransomware

Kaspersky 2015 offers additional protection against Ransomware

July 18, 2014 4:22 am0 comments

Kaspersky Labs is one of the best known security companies in the world, especially because of its security solutions for Windows, and now, also for new technologies like smartphones and tablets. A security company must be constantly researching and updating its software to be able to stay one step ahead of malware and, in this occasion, the company has managed to do it, as we have been able to see with their new products presented for the year 2015.

Some hours ago, Kaspersky Labs announced the annual update to their different security solutions, like Kaspersky Anti-virus and Kaspersky Internet Security, for these changing times. From the main updates added to these products we have to highlight a new additional protection layer against the dangerous and increasingly abundant Ransomware. This malware is responsible for encrypting user’s personal data and asking for economic compensation as ransom, so if the payment is not effective, the user looses access to this data irretrievably.

Kaspersky 2015

The new protective layer of this antivirus solution is based on an engine that verifies system processes in real time and detects if any of these is trying to modify personal user data. The program automatically creates a security temporal backup of the file that is being modified, sending a notification message to the user. In case it has been detected that the modification has been done by a malicious process, the file is returned to its original state and the process in question is blocked and eliminated from the system to eliminate this malware activity. The file’s backup copy is then erased when the user turns his computer off.

Kaspersky Internet Security version has also added security layers to prevent remote webcam activities, notifying the user of any program that is trying to access them and blocking its activity if necessary until the user explicitly allows it.

The security suit has also added protection to Wi-Fi networks to which we connect, so that anytime we connect to a wireless access point it will search for vulnerabilities and will notify us anytime there is a security failure, for example, anytime the connection or a particular software sends our password through the web without encrypting it. Finally, they have also improved security during online payments and purchases for users with the Internet Security version and they have also optimized the main interface as well as the different analysis engines to offer the best security possible.

What do you think of these novelties offered by these solutions against the new threats?

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