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Intel 730, new high-performance SSD

Intel 730, new high-performance SSD

March 6, 2014 2:45 am0 comments

The new Intel 730 SSD series are the SSD units with the highest performance the company has to offer, yet another step forward for this technology which is limited by the bandwidth of the SATA 6Gbps speeds.

Available in two models, 240 and 480 GB, the 730 series offers a reading speed of 550 MB/s, while writing speeds vary between 270 MB/s for the smaller model, and up to 470 MB/s for the higher capacity model.

Intel 730 SSD

The input and output operations (IOPS) are 86000/56000 (read/write ) for the 240 GB model and 89000/74000 for the 480 GB one.

These INTEL 730 SSD are now available for pre-ordering for a price of around 250 USD for the 240 GB model and 490 USD for the larger 480 GB one.

Intel 730 ssd

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