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Inno3D prepares a GTX Titan Z with their custom HerculeZ heatsink

Inno3D prepares a GTX Titan Z with their custom HerculeZ heatsink

May 1, 2014 4:55 am0 comments

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z will be the brand’s new monster that will probably see the light at last in April 29. Meanwhile, Inno3D is already working on a custom heatsink for it, which have been named HerculeZ, which will have a dual 4 nickel-plated copper heatpipes design and it will be cooled by three fans.

The next dual NVIDIA graphics will count, in principle, with the same reference cooler we’ve seen in previous models, and indeed does not give bad results of temperature and noise though is a blower sink, usually noisy and inefficient. However this may be insufficient for a graphic card the size of the Titan Z with its two Kepler GK110 cores, so manufacturers such as Inno3D are working on custom heatsinks.

In this case it is the Inno3D HerculeZ, a heatsink specifically designed for this dual graphic card, with 4 heatpipes distributed by a lengthy structure of aluminum and cooled by three fans. In the pictures below you can see the preliminary design.

Inno3D GTX Titan Z

Inno3D GTX Titan Z By now you surely know that NVIDIA ‘s policy expressly forbids assemblers to sell some of their graphic cards with custom sinks, as is the case with the previous GTX690 or recent Titan and Titan Black. NVIDIA will probably continue with this absurd policy with Titan Z, so Inno3D will likely be forced to sell their HerculeZ sink separately as done for example by EVGA with the Titan Black, or including it in a pack along with the graphic cards, but with the sink unmounted as Gigabyte did with Titan Black.

In either case , it will force the user to mount their sink by hand. Again, this seems an absurd policy that only harms the user, really, but it’s good to see manufacturers such as Inno3D here to continue to offer alternatives, but we have to assemble them by hand because NVIDIA prevents them from doing it.

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