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How to know if our RAM memory is malfunctioning

How to know if our RAM memory is malfunctioning

August 11, 2014 1:01 am0 comments

When we start to detect that our computer is not working as well as it should, we have to ask ourselves the question if it is a hardware problem or a software problem. Normally, a software problem happens after installing a program, our operative system has been updated or we have downloaded a program of suspicious origin. When we have tried everything and we have even done a typical formatting and everything seems to point to the fact that the problem is not being fixed, it should be clear that the symptoms come from the physical parts of our computer.

Even if it can seem impossible to detect which component is the one that is not working correctly, apart from the possibility of detecting said component from the effects it has on the computer, there is also a way to do it through software.

Today we are going to teach you how to detect if your RAM memory is in its last days, apart from detecting it for instability on the operating system, automatic closure of windows, programs that fail and blue screens, to be more certain of the problem and if it comes from the memory, we have to do a memory test.

For that we will use a program called Memtset86+, this program is in charge of writing data in our RAM memory and then, after finishing this process, it will tell us if this information was successfully written in the RAM memory and if there were errors in the writing cycles. The program will notify us at the end of each test of the Memtset86+ if it was completed successfully.

To be able to do the cyclic tests offered by the Memtest86+ program, we will need to install the program in a storage unit, for that we could use from a blank CD-R to a pen drive, we won’t have problems with the program’s size, at it is really small and any pen drive can hold it, as its 4.20 version, the ISO image weighs only 1.75MB. Installing it on a pen drive is the most advisable course of action due to its portable size and because the installation will be very easy as Memtest’s own official website offers the automatic, bootable setup program to prepare the USB.


Once we have turned bootable our CD-R or USB, we have to connect it to our computer and we will boot the computer from wherever we have installed the program. For that, depending on our computer, we will have to click on an specific button on the start screen of our pc, the one that usually shows the PC’s or the motherboard’s brand. Normally, the buttons that take us to the boot manager are F11 or F12.

Another, more complicated option if we don’t find those buttons, is to set, directly from the BIOS (usually by pushing the F2 or the Supr buttons)the booting priority that is found on the Boot option, setting the unit where the Memtest86+ is installed as the top spot. In the case we have installed it on a CD, we will have to set the CD lector unit as top priority, the same with the USB. If we do this we have to remember to come back later and set the unit were our operative system is installed as the highest priority or we may have some booting problems later on.

Once we have started the computer from the Memtest86+ from either the CD-R or the USB, the program will start testing automatically.After finishing each test it will inform us if the test was successful or not, in case it is not, it means we have some problems with our RAM memory, something that can happen is that during our error search, the Memtest86+ freezes, stops working, restarts or turns off, this may mean that the problem is on another component of our computer, like the processor or the motherboard. If the tests are completed perfectly and it doesn’t find any errors, it is convenient to do them again just to be sure.

If when the program informs us that our RAM memory has some type of error and we have a setup with various modules of RAM memories, now we have to find out if both are malfunctioning or which one is the one malfunctioning. For that we have to run the tests on each individual module.

The Memtest86+ can take up to 3 hours to do all the possible tests but, even if the tests are long, we have to find out which component of our computer doesn’t work correctly and the Memtest86+ is the most effective method.

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