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GeForce GTX 960, Maxwell midrange on the way

GeForce GTX 960, Maxwell midrange on the way

November 20, 2014 1:37 am0 comments

The Indian website Zauba has listed the graphics card, GeForce GTX 960, the midrange with the new Maxwell graphics core, as returning good income to NVIDIA according to the record revenues reported in its quarterly report.

After the release of the GTX 980 and GTX 970 and its equivalents ‘M’ for the notebook market with remarkable relationship between power and consumption, it is expected that a new midrange model retains these benefits at a price more contained in the region of 250 dollars.From the information on the Indian website, the latest generation graphics core “Maxwell” GM204 from the GeForce GTX 960 would work with frequencies between 1050 and 1178 MHz. It would have 4 GB of dedicated memory on a 256-bit interface.

GeForce GTX 960

It would have Display Port video outputs, HDMI and dual DVI. It doesn’t state if the rest of specifications would be similar or inferior to the 1280 shader processors, 80 texture units and 48 raster units of the GTX 970.

We expect official news on this interesting mid range and safe movement of AMD in order to give the latest on NVIDIA.

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