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GAMDIAS EROS Gaming Headset Review

GAMDIAS EROS Gaming Headset Review

March 27, 2014 3:45 am0 comments

GAMDIAS has appeared recently and is quickly spreading worldwide. The brand was founded by a team of 100 people led by RK Han, who created the brand GAMDIAS, whose first three letters are an acronym for Motion Gaming Art and DIAS is the Latin word for Gods. Therefore, GAMDIAS means “The god of game”. And that is precisely the purpose of this new brand, seeking to empathize with Gamers to cover all their needs.


Today we present the analysis of the GAMDIAS EROS Gaming Headset, located in the medium to high range and noted for their aggressive and striking aesthetics. These headphones are available in two versions: Virtual 7.1 USB and Stereo.


Straight from the manufacturer’s website.GAMDIAS EROS

We found a headset with 40-mm stereo speakers, which should give us a good range of frequencies that provide clear sound, especially the bass. It is also striking cable length: 3 meters, much longer than usual.

Because it is a headset with a virtual sound card UDB 7.1, it is built into the headphones themselves or console, that is, the sound card is physical and not software emulation. Then we’ll see.


The GAMDIAS EROS’ packaging is excellent and full of details. The main side has a clear plastic window that lets us see the left side of the EROS, where the microphone is.


The usual stickers with the manufacturer’s logo and a quick installation guide are included.


Below you can see the GAMDIAS EROS. It has a remarkably aggressive look in bright red and black. The ear pads are also excellent, very soft and faux leather-made. The microphone has a strong arm that moves up and down easily, though perhaps it is a little bulky because of its thickness.

This is a headset with a sturdy plastic construction. However, the arm of the microphone can certainly be improved. It also features a gold-plated USB connector.




The control center located in the first third of the cable is quite handy when we have the headphones on. It is also made ​​in red and black to blend with the overall aesthetics of the headphones, and from it we can control the volume and mute the microphone and headphones.




Just by connecting the USB headset to your computer, it is automatically detected and begins to function without software. However, you need to install the driver and software if you want to fully take advantage of every feature.


The software is exactly the same as other headsets of the brand, so we’re just going to tell you the same thing: it’s excellent.

We have been using these EROS for a handful of days in various situations, both for music and for gaming, watching movies and voice communication. Here are the results of our tests.


Just like the HEPHAESTUS, to enjoy the music it is recommended to deactivate the surround sound, since otherwise the music plays seems overloaded and with echo. These EROS perform well with all types of music delivering high-fidelity sound.


To test these headphones, we were watching the movie “The Amazing Spiderman”, and we did by with Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player. Although the sound of these headphones is 7.1 virtual and not real, the feeling of immersion was pretty good, the surround sound is pretty well established and it is well suited for watching movies in HD to enjoy all the details.


We tested these headphones with games like Battlefield 4 with surround sound enabled, and the sense of immersion is very good, without being outstanding. This is because the headset can’t isolate the outside sound .

Voice communication

The weak point of these headphones is voice communication. While the sound is clear and crisp, the microphone is far from excellent, and when we were testing it using TeamSpeak 3 on a private server, other people said they heard me like I was inside a box and I had to use the microphone almost touching my mouth for them to hear me correctly. This is because the microphone is encapsulated in a plastic arm, and hence this phenomenon occurs. We again emphasize that GAMDIAS should tweak these EROS’ microphone.


The EROS are comfortable from the first moment you use them and remain that way after several gaming sessions. The control console, however, is very uncomfortable: no clip grip to let it “set” somewhere, and so you have to search blindly if you want to mute the microphone or change the volume. Also, by having so many buttons, it is very easy to make mistakes, so you need to take your eyes off the screen. The volume control should have been a wheel with buttons, or at least in another area of ​​the device.


The GAMDIAS EROS headphones are absolutely beautiful. They deliver a good sound and high fidelity surround sound in games and movies, and they are super comfortable.

On the negative side, we must stress the microphone, as we have said before, and also GAMDIAS has much work to do in terms of software.


  • Good surround sound, very accomplished.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Good quality of materials.


  • The microphone is weak, both in construction and quality.
  • The software is too simple, there’s a lot of room for improve.

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