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G. Skill launches the fastest memory during this time with the DDR4: 3333 MHz

G. Skill launches the fastest memory during this time with the DDR4: 3333 MHz

September 7, 2014 5:29 pm0 comments

With the introduction of the Intel X99 platform this past Friday, the memory RAM DDR4 were launched, faster and more efficient than the previous DDR3. This is why all the memory manufacturers are announcing their new products and competing to see who is capable to launch the fastest memory on the market. Today the news comes from G.Skill who has just launched their new memory Rip Jaw 4 Series at 3333 MHz

Only a few days ago we told you that Corsair launched it new memory DDR4 at 3300 MHz on the market, but its reign over memory speed has come to an end, at least for the moment. It’s only 33 MHz more, barely noticeable, but data is data and right now the first place in memory speed goes to G.Skill.

And we are finding curious and yet rewarding, Overclocks factory capacity to provide the DDR4 RAM memory. Remember that the base speed is 2,133 MHz, so G.Skill’s memories at 3,333 MHz represent an increase of 1,200 MHz, more or less. If we take a little look back at the memories DDR3, the base speed is 1,333 MHz We had in the beginning the quickest to be seen at 1866 MHz, reaching 2,400 MHz at a later stage (and after a few years). We are talking about an Overclock fabricated at just over 1,000 MHz (fabricated within a long portion of time),but with the DDR4 a few days have passed and we already have on the market memory modules with an increase of 1.200 MHz with regarding base speed.

Without a doubt this indicates Overclocks potential to provide the DDR4 memories compared to the DDR3.

We return to G.Skill’s announcement. Like we said, the new Rip Jaw 4 Series a 3333 MHz memory is available for sale, in speeds of 3300 y 3200 MHz, inside kits containing 4X4 GB (16 GB total, remember that the Intel X99 platform is Quad-channel).

Regarding the price you can find them on U.S online stores for $699, 99 dollars.

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