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Do not lose your internet connection with the newest motherboards from Biostar

Do not lose your internet connection with the newest motherboards from Biostar

April 21, 2014 4:30 pm0 comments

Biostar has announced three new motherboards (Hi-Fi B85S2G, Hi-Fi A88S2G, and Hi-Fi B85N 3D), all with dual port Gigabit Ethernet technology and the 6+ technology. They’re designed to improve your Gaming experience with online games, allowing simultaneous LAN connections and doubling the network bandwidth.

Biostar Motherboard

The main advantage of having these two Gigabit LAN is that they double the network bandwidth so that Full-duplex data transmission is allowed. This means that two networks can be configured to upload and download simultaneously, reducing lag and substantially improving the efficiency of the network.

Another major advantage of having two Gigabit Ethernet ports is the load balancing system. This allows the user to associate both network adapters to a single network, which in turn doubles the bandwidth under certain circumstances. In fact, these Biostar motherboards have a feature that is usually only available in server hardware, the “Teaming” option. This makes both network cards function as a single one, so one of them always works as backup.

Finally, in regards to networks, these three Biostar motherboards also have specially protected circuits, including protection against power surges. Thus, if for whatever reason one of the network cards gets damaged, the other automatically replaces it, so you never lose your connection no matter what.

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