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Discover how to play in a PC with an Xbox One control.

Discover how to play in a PC with an Xbox One control.

June 17, 2014 2:52 am0 comments

If you want to take the game experience beyond your console and you still don’t master the mouse and keyboard, don’t worry because Mifrosoft has just released the software needed to connect the Xbox One control to play with your PC.

Because from Xbox 360 Microsoft used USB ports to connect to the console, using a control fabricated by them with you PC was never very complicated; however it was necessary to make some physical modifications to the control so that the computer would respond to the device’s instructions.

Xbox One

According to a recent publication on Major Nelson’s blog, one of the key figures in the development of the Xbox One, it is now possible to use the control of this console naturally and without any problems on the PC. The only thing necessary to play your favorite computer titles as if you were playing on an Xbox is downloading a software known as a “driver” or a “controller” that allows the PC to interpret the orders from the control.

Steps to follow:

First of all you need to understand that if you have a PC that runs Windows XP, it is probable that none of the controllers work, so we recommend you to use them only with equipment that runs a newer version of this operating system.

Then, you have to identify what version of Windows you own. This could be the 64 or the 86 bit version. If you don’t understand this part, don’t worry, both formats are the most common between computers nowadays.

Once you have identified the windows version you are using, enter this link to download the drivers you need.

Then, you have to open the file you downloaded and follow the instructions to install it in your computer. Don’t forget to have your Xbox One control connected to your laptop using the microUSB of the cable. If your computer doesn’t have a micro USB port, use the adaptor.

If you followed these instructions correctly, you can now use your Xbox One control in your PC without problems. Remember that the accessory will work with a limited amount of games. Don’t expect to play Age of Empires I with this control because it would not work.

On the other hand, if this idea of downloading drivers and installing programs you don’t know on your computer (even if they are Microsoft official programs) is not for you, don’t worry, the next Windows update will include all the necessary software to connect the Xbox One controller to your PC.

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