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Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZX Wireless Headset Review

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZX Wireless Headset Review

May 25, 2014 5:07 am0 comments

When we talk about sound related products, there is no doubt that Creative Labs is one of the most known brands, mostly because of its Sound Blaster Series with so much time in the market. Today, precisely, we will demonstrate our particular analysis of one of the latest products in their catalog of headsets, specifically the Sound Blaster EVO Zx, a closed super-aural design headset with wireless Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.

Other than that, the Sound Blaster Evo Zx is capable of playing 7.1 surround when connected to a PC with the supplied cable, although we will see later on that the connector is a mere mini jack, which makes the audio forced to be virtual. On the other hand, we must recognize that this headset counts with a dual microphone with noise reduction, and the CrystalVoice technology which is integrated in the headset itself, not separately in a boom.

As you can see, Creative is quite brief about the technical specifications of the device, and does not tell us anything special other than the headphone speakers being 40 mm, with something that Creative calls FULLSPECTRUM, which basically means they are able to reproduce the full spectrum of sounds audible to the human ear. On the other hand, they have a sound processor with AAC technology, which ensures that content played through Bluetooth is crisp without delay.


Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZX Wireless Headset


The Sound Blaster EVO Zx Headset comes packaged in a black hard box, where you see an image of the headset at three quarter view, where the manufacturer mentions the wireless NFC and Bluetooth features, and the AXX1 integrated audio. It is in the rear of the box where we find a summary of the main technical features in many languages, and on the other some images of the device.

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZX Wireless Headset

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZX

We must remember that the status of the packaging is not important, since we receive these devices as samples for reviews, and in occasions like this, they have gone through many hands before reaching ours, and not everyone cares for devices in the same way.

When opening the box, we find the headset lodged to a carton protector.

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZX Wireless Headset

Under this carton protector is where we will find all the accessories, which include the common instruction manual, warranty information and in this case, two cables: one USB – MicroUSB to charge the internal battery of the device and connect it to a PC, and also a MiniJack – MiniJack to make use of the virtual 7.1 features. The cables, in matching design with the headset, fashion black and red esthetics which are very attractive.

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZX

After this, you can see the Creative Sound Blaster EVO Zx headset itself. You will see many control buttons on the right earpiece, like the On/Off switch, SBX audio toggle, volume controls, track skipping, etc. On the left earpiece we have the USB and MiniJack connections, and at the same time we also have the dual microphone.

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZX

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZX

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZXCreative Sound Blaster EVO ZX

We must note that Creative has made use of high quality materials when building this headset, and we can see this instantly with just holding them in our hands, the solid construction is noticeable. The ear pillows are sewn with leatherette foam underneath, making them soft and comfortable enough in at starters, but as you know its supra-aural closed design makes them sit right on the users ears, “squashing them” and ends up being quite uncomfortable if used for long periods of time.

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZX

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZX

When it comes to the ergonomics, these headphones can swivel the earpieces to 180 degrees, and the head band is adjustable to best meet our comfort level.


Once powered on, the earpiece sides are illuminated in red or blue colored lights, according to the headset state.

Music Tests

We have used the Sound Blaster EVO Zx to listen music in MP3 format, in both a smartphone via Bluetooth and a computer via cable. We cannot but praise the sound quality of this device, really high fidelity, as it should be since this is the main function of the device.

Movie Tests

We also tested these headphones watching a Blu-Ray movie on a computer. As we feared, the sound 7.1 is virtual, so we had to set the playback of the movie in stereo mode and disable the native 5.1 movie track, since these Sound Blaster EVO Zx only have one speaker per earpiece, otherwise, we lose the most sounds in the original movie. Configuring as the film states in stereo mode, the EVO Zx enables the 7.1 virtual function, and although the sound quality in this area is far from what is seen in other headsets, we can give this headset a thumbs up.

Gaming Tests

We mainly tested these Creative headphones in games like Battlefield 4, League of Legends and Thief. In this section we regret to say that the Sound Blaster EVO Zx did not meet the standards, although sound is reproduced with good quality, it shows no sense of the depth that is required in headphones that are considered high-end headphones, meaning that they were not designed for gaming.

Voice Communication

We obviously wanted to try these headphones on voice communication, using a private server known as TeamSpeak 3 with Opus Voice audio codec with quality level 10. The sound was clear and concise, and as told by my friends, who listened to me talk, my voice was crystal clear and fairly faithful to my voice in person, although the sensitivity of the microphone had to be set to minimum level, since it is automatically activated with the smallest external noise.


As we expected, this is the section where these headphones get the worse, and that is because of having a closed supra-aural design, meaning they are placed directly on the ears. Fatigue occurs on your ears after a couple of hours or less, and we must take them off to let our ears “rest”, which sometimes end up even aching. They are comfortable to use at short times, but not during longer sessions.


The Sound Blaster EVO Zx are headphones that provide good quality sound in certain circumstances, but they have certainly us considering the price they have, and we expected a lot more. Its build quality is excellent, and are comfortable enough to use them sporadically, but not for long sessions. They have the convenience of being wireless and even have NFC technology, which makes them ideal for use with a smartphone or tablet, but we cannot recommend theme for long period use on a computer.

These EVO Zx, gives us the impression that Creative wanted to “live off” the fame of the Sound Blaster series, and while it is a quality product, they should greatly improve the functions if they wish sell at the price they expect.

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