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Corsair launches its Corsair Gaming peripheral division

Corsair launches its Corsair Gaming peripheral division

September 28, 2014 3:05 pm0 comments

Gamers are happy since the veteran trademark, Corsair, known by the quality of its products, have just created its own division exclusively directed to peripheral devices, Corsair Gaming. Undoubtedly, this decision will allow them to invest more resources on this kind of products, which is always good for the customer.

Besides it is until now that the trademark has decided to do a division only for peripheral devices, Corsair has a long history of high quality a renown gaming products, with their Raptor and Vengeance series, as well as the Vengeance 1400/1500/2100 headphones or the K70 and K95 keyboards and others.

Without further ado, let’s present the new models of this division. It will be focused on the same three areas up to now: keyboards, headphones and mice, with special attention on LED illumination.

Corsair Gaming peripheral

Corsair Gaming peripheral Corsair Gaming peripheral

In the case of keyboards, it translates in the usage of new RGB mechanic switches and a new customization software that will also work for mice. Overall, they are updating 3 of the Vengeance Series models.

Corsair Gaming peripheral

About headphones, they are updating the highly known Vengeance 2100 and Vengeance 1500.

Corsair Gaming peripheral

Mice will also have LED lights in three areas.

This new division will also be sponsoring on the eSports world, and it has been confirmed that they are currently sponsoring 6 different teams competing on diverse games around the world.

A while ago, we published the new Corsair Gaming K70 RGB review. Again, we recommend you to take a look at it since we explain in detail how is the new software and the possibilities of the LED lightning of this new keyboards.

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