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Cooler Master Cosmos SE and HAF Stacker announced

Cooler Master Cosmos SE and HAF Stacker announced

August 29, 2013 6:07 pm0 comments

During the GamesCom, Cooler Master has announced two new very promising cases: The Cooler Master Cosmos SE, a smaller version of the ultra tower Cosmos II, and a completely new case known as Cooler Master HAF Stacker.

A lot about the Cosmos SE was already known, since a few pictures of it were released some time ago. It’s an ATX version of the Cosmos 2 ultra tower, keeping its exterior and interior designs (although it’s smaller, which logically means it doesn’t have as much room for components).

In any case, the most interesting new feature of the Cooler Master has been the announcement of the Cooler Master HAF Stacker. The hardware aficionados know both series very well: the HAF series, big cases with a characteristic military-style design and incredible cooling capacities, and the Stacker series, great quality aluminum-made cases that Cooler Master apparently has forgotten about with great upgrading capabilities, which made them the favorite among many modders.

Although Cooler Master hasn’t revealed any new details, it’s known that the HAF Stacker will be officially presented at the PAX Prime on August 30th. For now, let’s dream about a case with the quality of a Stacker and the cooling capabilities of a HAF –and a price of the two of them combined, knowing Cooler Master.

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