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Best Affordable Gaming Laptop: MSI Computer GE70 0ND-033US Reviews

Best Affordable Gaming Laptop: MSI Computer GE70 0ND-033US Reviews

November 12, 2012 5:20 am0 comments

Unfortunately for me, the life of someone who is constantly driven to buy the best gadgets out there tends to come with a ramen filled diet, but it’s worth it! As far as laptops go, there’s no way I could be happier with the one I decided to pick up earlier this year. When I first started college this semester, all I had was my gaming desktop, which just wasn’t going to do the job. My friends helped me out and gave me a list of laptops to go through.

MSI GE60 0NC-006US Gaming Laptop Review

While I was looking for the best laptop, I dedicated enough money to get one that would meet all my needs:

· Able to support the newest released games with nearly seamless performance.

· Small and light enough to carry it around the university with me all day long.

· Contain a powerful audio card to play my remixes on for parties!

I was expecting to spend anywhere from $1500-2000 on the perfect laptop. I must have read dozens of reviews before I finally made my decision.

The GE70 0ND-033US MSI Computer Corp. Notebook.

I saw the price and almost skipped over it, thinking there was no way it would meet my expectations. It wasn’t until I saw the FULL 2 GIG graphics card ram size. I did a double take and read down the rest of the list of specifications and compared them to the others I had looked at that day.

The audio card is a THX TruStudio PRO™ which really was the first thing I looked into. It had some really nice features included in the software that peeked my interest. Surround sound, crystallizer, smart volume, and four (2W) speakers had my ears buzzing before I even made my purchase

Most of the other laptops came with came with a 750 GB Hard drive like this one, which is the perfect storage space size for my music editing hobby. What I was really interested in was the laptop’s gaming potential.

With a 2000 MB, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M video card, it really fit the bill! I knew it wasn’t the best out there, but for my level of gaming it was just the right fit. Along with a good video card, you need a fair amount of memory and a decent processor to get the best results for gaming.

It already had 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM included, and it was expandable up to 16 GB. My desktop also had 8 GB at the time, so I knew that it would run pretty smoothly with that kind of ram!

All I needed was at least a 2.0 GHz processor to have the l requirements I needed met. Sure enough! The 2.3 GHz Core i7, which is currently one of the most popular processors in laptops out there, nearly sold me.

It was when I saw the price tag again that I simply couldn’t believe it. For barely over $1000, I was going to be able to put that rest of the $500-$1000 towards getting some real food! I haven’t had any problems since July when I picked it up, and I will continue to tell my friends about it. Currently my best buddy and I have a matching set!


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