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Asus presents their first SATA-Express prototype

Asus presents their first SATA-Express prototype

January 4, 2014 9:28 am0 comments

The future for hard drives and SSDs is here –sort of-; ASUS is already working on a new kind of connectivity.

It seems that before the Z87 comes to an end, ASUS will release a motherboard with this chipset that will introduce a controller compatible with the newest connectivity standards that will allow, among many things, a much better performance and speed that SATA, since the PCI Express is notably better than the Serial ATA.

ASUS SATA-Express prototype

The first version of this new technology will work as a card connected to a PCI Express 2.0 2x bus, which means it’ll offer up to 16Gbps, almost thrice as fast as the SATA 6gbps. We will finally be able to get rid of bottlenecking, allowing SSD devices to work almost twice as smooth and fast.

It uses two 7-pin blocks, just like the current SATA, though some future versions will have two 7-pin and one 4-pin blocks, therefore making it much more bulkier than a conventional SATA.

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