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ASRock also reveals its gaming motherboard with its X99 chipset

ASRock also reveals its gaming motherboard with its X99 chipset

August 15, 2014 7:40 am0 comments

ASRock joins Gigabyte and MSI in showing its first gaming motherboard with an Intel X99 chipset for the new Haswell-E with 6 to 8 cores.

We await the arrival of the new Intel Haswell-E processors with models with up to 8 cores, for the nearby month of September. So manufacturers are starting to show them based on the X99 chipset, the Intel chipset that will accompany these processors and the first in the domestic market to accept DDR4 RAM memory.

In the ASROCK FATAL1TY X99X Killer we find 8 memory slots surrounding the socket LGA 2011-3, with three blocks of dissipation for the VRM chipset itself.

It doesn’t lack the red Killer E2200 network card already found in other gaming motherboards with integrated sound card Purity Sound 2 and with support for 8-channel audio.

Interestingly, although one of the advantages of this platform is its large number of PCIe lines that allow superior performance in multiple graphics configurations, we only see three PCIe x16 3.0 ports, leaving out other solutions like the quad SLI from NVIDIA or the AMD quad CrossfireX. However, this allows for space to remain in the PCIe ports for double and triple slot cards, and if we look for a 4 GPU system we can always opt for two dual graphics cards.

For storage we can watch 10 SATA ports and a port ULTRA M.2 which presumably uses the PCIe x4 interface, offering a maximum transfer rate of 32 Gbps. We also don’t miss one more mSATA port and USB3.0 connectors.

We will have to keep watch during the upcoming weeks to find out the details over the ASRock.

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