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Antec P380 computer Case a review

Antec P380 computer Case a review

April 26, 2015 2:50 pm0 comments

Those who know about hardware say that a great PC always begins with the cases and, from our point of view, they are right. Antec, a leader company in this sector, has given us the new P-380, one of the last cases to appear on the market, which inherits much of the good that we already saw in the Nineteen Hundred for a better price.

Antec P380

Although some years ago almost nobody would have bet on it, the PC market is experiencing a second youth and hardware manufacturers that have opted for quality, rather than joining the race for the lowest price, are better positioned than ever. The end user is increasingly more knowledgeable and often seeks information before making a payment to secure their investment, above marketing strategies or specific offers.

Focusing now on the product, the Antec P-380 is an E-ATX format case with nine expansion slots and eight compatible bay units of 2.5 and 3.5 inches. The firm maintains its commitment to steel for the frame, adding front and back covers in 4 mm thick aluminum.

With dimensions of 555 x 557 x 223.6 mm, it’s not a compact case precisely, but there is room for everything. Lots of gaming enthusiasts would like to know that they can install GPUs up to 465 mm. (i.e, from any in the market) and offers several options to mount the cooling system, both in air and when opting for a liquid cooling solution.

Antec P380

As usual in almost all products from the American company, all details are designed with an obsession in mind: quiet operation without sacrificing performance. Details such as laser cut parts to ensure accuracy at the edges, its perfect assembly or the huge transparent side panel makes the difference compared to the competition.

We have mentioned this in other product reviews but we will repeat it again: Antec’s removable filter (and washable) system seems the best in the market and a perfect solution to keep the computer updated without having to perform maintenance every few months.

Many cases are nice on the outside, but good hardware enthusiasts know that what matters is on the inside, that’s where the P380 shines with its own light; an exquisite manufacturing technique and such interesting details such as high quality rubber slots for wiring conduction, high quality removable trays (no plastic that can deteriorate with use) and plenty of space behind the plate, ideal for a clean installation.

Antec P380


Antec kept intact its strategy and presents a fantastic product, without significant weaknesses and geared to that audience willing to pay a little more for having the best; excellent build quality, as all the details are high-end as expected and the whole experience of a leading company results in a highly recommendable product.

From what we liked, we want to highlight the ample GPU space, support for assemblies based on water cooling and an overall quality level of each of the components of the case. We are also very pleased with the filter system, but it seems somewhat inexplicable that we have to lift the box to remove the front; it’s not something serious, but this definitely should be addressed in future product revisions.

The new Antec P380 is now available at all authorized dealers for a price of around 190 dollars, approximately. For us, it is one of the best cases in its price range and a recommended purchase.

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