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Antec adds two new models to their High Current Gamer M series

Antec adds two new models to their High Current Gamer M series

August 22, 2013 4:03 pm0 comments

Antec has announced two new models –already available- for their High Current Gamer M series: The 770-watt HCG-750M and the 850-watt HCG-850M, both are 80Plus Bronze certified.

The new models from Antec, besides being 80Plus Bronze certified like we already mentioned, feature a semi-modular design, which means they have the classic cables necessary for any computer in the power supply unit itself (the 20+4-pin ATX and the 4+4-pin EPS), and the rest via modular cables. They call this “modular hybrid design”, which gives the unit 16-pin connectors to make them versatile and flexible, since they’re compatible with 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16-pin connectors.


These new power supply units from Antec have been designed to offer the perfect balance between power and efficiency, they’re 80 plus Bronze certified and have every security measure you can think of. They feature, also, a silent 135mm fan with a white-colored LED to cool the inside, although Antec said they can work at up to 50ºC without any risk.

Like Antec’s power supply unit, they have a 5-year warranty. The price is still unknown.

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