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AMD Radeon 300: its rumored prices are well restrained

AMD Radeon 300: its rumored prices are well restrained

June 13, 2015 3:35 pm0 comments

The new generation of AMD Radeon 300 dedicated graphics is close to being released. AMD needs to regain lost ground to NVIDIA after a devastating end of 2014 for AMD, by dropping to an alarming 24 percent in the dedicated graphics niche and staying in an overall 35% this year compared to 64% of NVIDIA.

The AMD Radeon 300 must recover sales and moreover if the leaked prices from WCCF are confirmed, and that you will see in the table below:

AMD Radeon 300

The top model (single core) would be the Radeon R9 390X. A model that could be marketed under the name Fury X and it is noted for its use of HBM memories, whose performance and efficiency is higher than the GDDR5.

It would include 8 Gbytes for a large bandwidth and a more refined version of CoreNext graphics architecture. It would have 4096 stream processors and its graphics core would operate at a frequency of 1050 MHz. Its price of $389 is very restrained for its power level, like the rest of models that would cover all performance levels.

We need to know if all AMD Radeon 300 models will be of new or renamed from previous generation architectures, and remember that these prices are rumored and we will have to wait for the official launch that will occur on June 16. For now, they seem good. 

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