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AMD prepares a FX-9590 processor with a RL Asetek heatsink

AMD prepares a FX-9590 processor with a RL Asetek heatsink

June 28, 2014 10:06 am0 comments

Just our luck. The day before yesterday we told you that Roy Taylor, AMD’s vice-president, published on twitter an image of the package of a new processor belonging to the FX Series line that carried an All in one liquid cooling heatsink, so we instantly started speculating on which new processor AMD was preparing for us. What we just learned today is that what AMD is going to launch is an FX-9590 processor in addition to a liquid cooling heatsink from Asetek.


The AMD FX-9590 is a “Vishera” processor of 8 physical cores manufactured on 32 nm and based on the Piledriver architecture that operate at a frequency of 4.7 GHz with turbo speed that reaches 5 Ghz. It can be that, seeing as the new Intel Devil’s Canyon have not managed to reach the 5 GHz that was expected from them, AMD has decided to give publicity to these processors that carry that speed directly from the manufacturer, adding a liquid cooling heatsink to the package, who knows.

This new package will have a Price of 359 USD, 40 dollars more than the processor alone, so it seems as a good offer for users that want to acquire one of these processors that, let’s not forget, have 220 W of TDP and therefore need at least a medium to high level heatsink to cool it properly.

The point is that, as we said at the beginning, just our luck. We were thinking that AMD was going to launch a new, renovated FX processor, superior to the actual ones, and all the speculation has gone to waste when we learned of this fact. It is simply a package with a liquid cooling heatsink manufactured by Asetek.

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