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AMD may have delayed launch of new FM3 socket

AMD may have delayed launch of new FM3 socket

August 5, 2014 2:26 am0 comments

The memory we currently use on our computers, in the latest Intel and well as AMD architecture, is DDR3. DDR3 will soon be retired in favor of RAM DD4, whose performance we’ll be able to see this year on the 2011-3 socket thanks to the Haswell-E processors expected to appear on the market this September.

According to as-yet unconfirmed information, the appearance of RAM DDR4 memory in AMD will be much later than expected, since the FM3 platform, which would be in charge of bringing DDR4 memory to AMD, may have been delayed in its launch.

AMD FM3 socket

This delay of the FM3 socket might push its launch date back to 2016, meaning that Intel would have DDR4 memory more than a year earlier than AMD.

According to the aforementioned information, this delay by AMD is due to a delay in the new compatible chipsets planned to be released together with DDR4 memory in order to facilitate compatibility.


The plan to move up the launch of AMD’s APU A-8000 Series (called Carrizo) for this year during the months of October and December is also probably due to this FM3 socket business. The Opteron X Series “Toronto” processors, which belong to Carrizo but are oriented toward servers and were going to be DDR3- and DDR-4 compatible, would only be available in non-interchangeable versions, that is to say through BGA contacts.

If this information is correct, it could lead to different solutions by AMD. One of these could be to remove Carrizo-DT without DDR4 support, launch a new and improved APU Kaveri2-DT until the release of FM3, and support the FM2+ socket until 2016.

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